LYFSUP was born from a passion for surfing, stand up paddleboarding, yoga and the great outdoors.  Founder of LYFSUP, Allison Martin-Attix was introduced to the sport by her Dad, a skilled waterman who learned to surf in Hawaii as a boy and can still be found riding waves in California.  The ocean no longer at her doorstep, Allison discovered that stand up paddleboarding could get her on a board and in the water without grabbing her surfboard and heading to the beach. The Triangle area’s access to beautiful lakes and rivers and mild weather year round make it the perfect setting for learning and falling in love with SUP!

WPA & PaddleFit Core Certified SUP Instructor, ASI SUP Yoga certified, E-RYT® 200/RYT® 500 yoga teacher.  CPR & First Aid Certified, Water Rescue Certified.        

WPA & PaddleFit Core Certified SUP Instructor, ASI SUP Yoga certified, E-RYT® 200/RYT® 500 yoga teacher.  CPR & First Aid Certified, Water Rescue Certified.  




Raised on the sunny coast of Santa Cruz, California, Allison Martin-Attix was immersed in a surfing and water-loving culture from the beginning.  

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Allison began surfing and practicing yoga during college to help balance the stresses of school and work.  Her true passion for teaching others began early on when she started teaching friends how to surf.  After moving 3,000 miles east to the small town of Chapel Hill, NC, she attuned her love of teaching to yoga.  She completed her RYT 500 & offered classes at local studios. Her combined love for water, surfing, yoga and being outdoors made stand up paddling and SUP yoga instruction a natural progression.

Today, her passion for teaching continues as the evolution of stand up paddleboarding continues to grow.  In the spring of 2013, she became certified through PaddleFit and the WPA (World Paddle Association), learning from PaddleFit founder, Brody Welte and waterman/performance coach, John Denney who, alongside Laird Hamilton, helped pioneer many water sports including SUP.  In 2017, LYF SUP became a certified SUP Yoga School through the ASI.  

Since 2013, LYFSUP has been featured in several blogs, newspapers and at local SUP events.  In 2014, LYFSUP was 'Ms. May' in a state wide Adventure Calendar and most recently, Allison was a featured speaker at TLC's (Triangle Land Conservancy's) Wild Ideas event.  In 2016, Allison was selected by Jimmy Lewis Boards to be a North American SUP ambassador and was invited to be a HALA ambassador in 2017.  In 2018, Allison joined the yogi athlete team for HALA gear! 

Allison has found much solace and joy on a board and she's grateful to share the many benefits of the sport with others. She creates a welcoming environment for all levels of students of SUP and SUP Yoga.   Her classes are uplifting and embody a relaxed pace. 

LYFSUP is dedicated to building the SUP community around Jordan Lake, NC and beyond, and protecting our earth.  A percentage of profits are donated annually to causes that protect our water & natural environment.   


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