Getting your SUP from point A to point B

“We come into this world head first and go out feet first; in between it is all a matter of balance.“ ~ Paul Boese

I spend a lot of time talking about proper technique while on the water.  But when it comes to SUP, our posture out of the water is just as important as when we're up and paddling - and a recent injury has me more body conscious than ever.  So, I thought I'd spend a little time helping you safely get your SUP from point A (land) to point B (water)! 

Learning how to correctly lift your board is essential if you want to protect your investment and your body (your greatest investment of all)!  Because most Stand-up Paddleboards are heavier and larger than your average surfboards, it's smart to practice proper lifting techniques when getting your gear to the water.  When you're lifting your board, stagger your feet for stability. By moving your feet apart you can increase or decrease the area of your base of support. The larger the base, the easier it is to keep center of gravity above it and stay in balance.  Bend your knees and engage your quads and hamstrings.  Reach your hips back and keep your center of gravity low.  Keep your spine relatively straight and engage core muscles so that arms don't do all the heavy lifting. MOST important, take your time. You're going holoholo (my new favorite Hawaiian word 😊), so relax.  Then, get out there and have fun. 🌺🌊

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Never drag the board or lift with your back or just your arms!

Never drag the board or lift with your back or just your arms!