Wide-legged Forward Bend (twist): Warming up for Spring w/SUP Yoga

Winter. As a SUP Yoga enthusiast and teacher, this is my favorite time of year to get people thinking about unleashing their inner SUPward facing dog pose. No matter your skill, SUP Yoga will improve your stand-up paddleboarding skills and so much more. Over the next several weeks, I will share a few of my favorite poses with readers as well as some tips and tricks.

Allison Martin-Attix asana.jpg

Pose: Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend (with a twist).

SUP Tips: Align feet slightly behind the center of your board so that when you bend forward, you maintain stability. Slowly hinge at the hips to place one hand down just behind the rail (side of your board), centered between your feet. Work to keep hips relatively level as you lift up your arm. Press through your feet and lengthen your spine.

Advanced: Look up at the sky!

Benefits: Opens hips, stretches hamstrings, calves, low back, and spine while strengthening your upper back and shoulders. It also improves balance.

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