Wheel Pose: Warming up for Spring w/SUP Yoga

Have you ever tried Wheel Pose on a SUP? If you have, you know that adding the element of water to this pose can make it feel more fluid…more relaxing. There’s a special magic about it. The playfulness of water can help us ease up a bit and find the freedom in our spines that this pose is renown for.

NOTE: this is not a beginners pose. If you’re a beginner, master bridge pose first, then work your way up to wheel.

Allison Martin-Attix straight up.jpg

Pose: Open your heart in Wheel Pose.

SUP tips: Set up with your lower back against the handle or middle of your board so that your weight is evenly distributed once in the pose. Use the grip of your deck pad to stabilize through the heels and the palms of your hands once up. Since this pose opens up the lungs, take advantage of the fresh air and breathe deep! Ahhhh.

Benefits: Stretches your spine, shoulders and hips, opens up your chest and lungs and strengthens wrists, arms and legs. Energizing to the whole nervous system.

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