Q: What is SUP? 

A: Essentially, SUP is standing on a stable surfboard while using a single blade paddle to propel yourself through the water.  Stand up paddleboarding’s roots are Hawaiian, dating back to the 1960s in Waikiki or even earlier!

Q: It looks like a surfboard.  Do I have to know how to surf?

A: Not at all, but you must know how to swim since you will be in water.

Q: Where do I go for my lesson?

A: Beautiful Jordan Lake in Apex, NC or access points in Chapel Hill, NC!  SUP on Jordan Lake is ideal.  There's much to explore! Prior to your lesson we will contact you via phone or email to confirm location and meeting place. 

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?  How do i pay for my lesson?

A:  Call us old fashioned, but we'd rather have contact with you PRIOR to booking your lesson, so that all of your questions are answered and we can make sure you're in the right class!  We accept cash or check or all major credit cards, debit cards and electronic funds transfer through PayPal (includes a 2.9% CC fee), and will send you an invoice once your lesson is booked.  If paying by cash or check, payment is due at our meeting place, upon arrival or you may mail us a check to our business address if paying far enough in advance.

Q: What should I bring?

A: A swimsuit or comfy water loving clothing, sunscreen & a towel. In the Fall/Winter, please be prepared with warm clothing, booties, etc.  Also, if you wear glasses, be sure to have a strap so that they stay on! (See policies & lesson checklist under Lessons Tab.)

Q: What about adverse weather and wind conditions?

A:  If adverse weather or extreme wind conditions pose a threat, we may have to cancel your lesson.  In the event that we are unable to paddle, we will reschedule your lesson immediately.  Safety is our priority.  We’ll be sure to contact you if things aren’t looking safe enough to paddle.

Q: I want to buy my own board for your classes.  What does a full paddleboarding set-up cost?

A: Depending on the brand, model, & size, the cost of a good SUP board and paddle ranges from about $1,200 to $2,800 +.  This is a "get what you pay for" kind of sport.   All of our gear is top quality.  As a Jimmy Lewis Boards and HALA gear ambassador, I can help you discover the difference quality makes!  We now offer Hala and SOL paddleboards and gear for sale!

Q: Do you rent your SUP boards?  

A:  We offer 2 + hours of time on your board accompanied by an instructor, eco tours, SUP socials and more.  We make it easy for you to enjoy free-style exploration in all of our classes.  Our rates and equipment are often better than any rental.  You get much much more for your money at LYFSUP!

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum age or size to paddle?

A: The minimum age to attend our classes is 12 years old.  All minors require parental permission.   As long as you are in reasonable good health, there is no reason why anyonecannot paddle.  Our boards can handle up to 275 - 300lbs.

Q: What does 'LYF' mean?  Is that a word or does it stand for something else?

A: Both!  You may be surprised to know that our present day spelling of “life” has appeared with the spelling “lyf” in old texts.  LYF is also our acronym for Light Your Fire and Love Your Fitness.   Because when you learn to paddleboard, you will stoke your inner fire and fall in love with fitness again! 

MORE QUESTIONS?  Let's chat!  YOU CAN CALL US at (510) 9Paddle

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