I had such a fun time! And you were so instructive and encouraging! I will be back. Thanks for making my first time paddle boarding the best!   ~ Trish

I had such a fun time! And you were so instructive and encouraging! I will be back. Thanks for making my first time paddle boarding the best!  ~ Trish


what our standup paddle students of all ages & abilities are saying!

Allison's operation is amazing. She is a gifted teacher and instills confidence and encourages us to do more and do it better. She is easy to be with and makes us feel like we are all she has to do today. Much fun and great exercise in a beautiful setting.~ John Hughes, SUP 101 student

Allison and LYF SUP are a wonderful experience.  She combines the love of active SUP with meditation and yoga in a beautiful setting on Jordan Lake.  Any level can participate.  And each time it is different and better than the last!  I'm hooked on SUP and look forward to this unique experience each time. ~ Coco Cannon, Eco Tours, SUP Yoga and Meditation student

I had a great time - it's not often I enjoy something so much when I still feel so unskilled at it. :) The building blocks you've come up with really work for me - I see how I can enjoy paddleboarding even at my current level and feel like I have a sense of things to work on to make it more efficient & enjoyable. ~ R. Franke, SUP 101, SUP Pro, clinics student!

I just wanted to send another thank you for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of paddleboarding!!! You are such a great teacher and I am just so happy to have benefitted from your knowledge and encouragement. Turns out I had a friend with a board languishing in storage…so he let me steal it for the next few months. I was just out having a BLAST. I would never have been comfortable doing that without your excellent teachings!!! Thank you again for everything ~ Madison Holley, SUP Yoga and SUP 101 and SUP clinics student
I'm sad the classes are over, but thrilled at how much I learned.  While I've enjoyed each class, today was just wonderfully fun and awesome.  I felt more confident today, and I'm truly amazed at how the little things make such a drastic difference.  I enjoyed paddling across the lake to dead tree island and also enjoyed sitting on the boards chatting.  I am also thrilled that just a slight re-positioning of my foot solved my knee issues. A GOOD day! ~ Timothy Frank,  SUP Pro student
Had a great time. Allison is a very skilled and encouraging teacher. Small classes, invigorating and relaxing at the same time. ~ Nansi Gregor-Holt, SUP Yoga student
I contacted Allison to arrange a fun girls day out with my 2 childhood best friends. Not only was Jordan Lake absolute HEAVEN, but Allison was so fun and knowledgeable. It was also wasn't super stressful arranging the meet up and scheduling our time. We had so much fun - we even saw some bald eagles! We can't wait to go again! ~ Elizabeth Demeusy, SUP 101 student
I contacted Allison over the weekend and had my first SUP lesson today. It was a terrific experience! I loved SUP and Allison is such a good teacher. I so enjoyed the two hours on Jordan Lake we spent today. ~ Lisa Hoff ~ SUP Pro student