Find your Center of Gravity

When students attend my SUP classes, I talk a lot about "befriending gravity". Finding our center of gravity is essential for balance and alignment on our boards. Center of gravity, in physics, is an imaginary point in a body of matter where the weight of the body is thought to be concentrated. If we do not have a uniform weight distribution then we will feel off center and will often grip with our toes. On the other hand, when we rest our weight over our feet and toward the center of the earth, our weight is evenly distributed and we work less to hold ourselves in place.

My objective is to guide students toward finding a relaxed style when they SUP, which enhances their experience. This starts with a low center of gravity. Once students find the "sweet spot" on their boards and within their own being, they can glide through the water with ease and grace…and get into the zen of it.

To find your own paddleboarding zen, take a class with us!